École Alpha Secondary has a wonderful and dedicated French Immersion team with over 50 years of combined teaching experience. 

Mme SIMIAN | Français langue, Core French website | email | @madamesimian |

Languages Department Head & French Immersion Programme Coordinator

Madame Simian graduated from UBC in 2006 with a double major B.A. in Psychology and French Language and Literature. She completed her B.Ed. in Secondary Teacher Education – French in 2008 at UBC and her M.Ed. in Modern Language Education – French Immersion in 2010 at UBC. Originally from Romania, she has lived and taught in France and Italy and is fluent in 4 languages (Romanian, French, Italian and English) and is now learning a fifth: Spanish. She likes to travel, and to spend time with friends and family, especially her beautiful baby girl and her niece. She is passionate about language acquisition, culture, technology, communicating student learning, de-grading and making learning visible.

M. DeCOSTE | Sciences naturelles Core French | email |

Monsieur DeCoste

M. DUBE | Sciences humaines, Français langue | email |

Monsieur Dubé

Mme GODIN | Français langue, Sciences humaines, Core French | website | email |

Madame Godin graduated with a B.A. in Étude Littéraire (2006, University of Quebec in Montreal ) and a M.Ed. in Didactiques (2009, University of Montreal). She later received a B.Ed. in French Education (2013, Simon Fraser University). She also enjoyed Pure and Applied Sciences during her college years. Madame Godin is passionate about many things some of which include maps, world history, algebra, old books, languages and culture, music, travelling and French food! When she is not working, she plays ultimate frisbee or goes out for hikes to discover her new home.

Dr. HARVEY | Sciences humaines, Core French | email |

Mr. Harvey is strongly driven by curiosity and wants to encourage it in his students. He has a doctorate in comparative literature from the University of Toronto. He loves reading and running, and spending time with friends and family. He can frequently be heard to say, “No time like the present!” – meaning it’s best to get things done straight away, AND the present moment is the magical time when possibilities are made real.

Mme HOPE | Maths, Sciences naturelles | email | website | @madamehopealpha |

Madame Hope graduated from Queen’s University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Life Sciences. She got her first taste of Vancouver as she completed graduate studies in Forensic Science Technology (BCIT). She moved to Montreal to pursue further graduate studies in Biotechnology at McGill University (2006). While there, she gained hands-on experience working in a pharmacotoxicology lab. After a couple more years working in science, she returned to Queen’s University to complete a B.Ed in Biology/Chemistry (2009). She has since acquired additional qualifications in Mathematics and French as a Second Language.

Madame Hope has been in British Columbia since November 2017, and is loving every minute of it! She has 4 year old twin daughters and a 2 year old son who are also enjoying the forests, mountains and beaches of BC. Mme Hope enjoys running, cycling, reading, colouring and learning new things.