GENERAL INFO – DOWNLOAD the Grade 8 French Immersion Parents Information Booklet

French Immersion programming benefits the cognitive and social development of students, as well as their opportunities for career advancement. Research demonstrates that students who successfully complete a French Immersion program (K-12) attain functional bilingualism while doing as well as, or better than, their unilingual peers in the content areas of curriculum, including English Language Arts.

Secondary French Immersion is a continuation of Early and Late French Immersion. In grades 8, 9 and 10, students receive a minimum of 50% of their instruction in French. In grade 11, students receive a minimum of 25% of their instruction in French and in grade 12, students have a minimum of one course in French Language Arts (Français langue 12). 


In order to achieve the goals of the French Immersion Programme (attain functional bilingualism) the students should continue in French Immersion through grade 12. Upon graduation, students will have acquired sufficient language skills to be able to pursue post-secondary studies or work in either official language. The skills students learn in the elementary  years are the building blocks for the development of more sophisticated thinking and communicative skills in French.

Students completing the French Immersion programme in Grade 12 receive a bilingual graduation certificate – Double Dogwood. 


OUR FEEDER SCHOOLS – Alpha French Immersion Catchment Area Map

Early French Immersion Late French Immersion
École Aubrey Elementary École Capitol Hill Elementary
École Sperling Elementary
École Westridge Elementary


French Immersion Course Description Booklet

French Immersion Programme Course Planner

Grade 8 Humanités (Français langue + Sciences humaines), Scimatiques (Mathématiques + Sciences naturelles)
Grade 9 Français langue, Sciences humaines, Mathématiques, Sciences naturelles
Grade 10 Français langue, Sciences humaines, Mathématiques, Planification, Sciences naturelles
Grade 11 Français langue, Sciences humaines/Etudes politiques 
Grade 12 Français langue, AP French Language and Culture



Students in the French Immersion Program at Alpha Secondary have many unique opportunities throughout their high school years that give them valuable exposure to French Language and Culture outside of the classroom. 

Field Trips Plays, movies, festivals, concerts, SFU Guided tours, French Restaurants experience, Food Trucks
Contests Concours d’art oratoire, Burnaby Writing Contest, Les voix de la poésie, Expo Sciences, Geo Challenge
Clubs & Events  Billingual Debate Club, French Immersion Junior Leadership Club, Languages Week, Elementary School Visits, Cultural guests, performers and presenters
Exchange Programs BC-Québec Exchange Program,


YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange

Major Trips Québec | France Trip