B.C. – Québec Exchange Program

We are happy to announce that our school is eligible to participate in the B.C.-Québec Exchange Program 2016/2017.  This is a FREE program (airfare paid for my the Ministry of
Education). Click here for more information or talk to Madame Simian in room 314. Application deadline is February 28, 2016. 

The BC – Quebec Exchange Program is open to grade 10 and 11 French Immersion and Francophone program students. Students must apply in grade 9 or 10 to go on exchange in grade 10 or 11, the following year.

  • Each participant is matched with a student from Quebec in the
    spring of the application year
  • In the fall of the exchange year, B.C. students and their families welcome the Quebec students who they were matched with into their homes. For three months, the B.C. and Quebec students attend school and participate in local activities together
  • In late January, the B.C. students travel to Quebec, and spend three months there living with the Quebec students and their families, attending school, and experiencing Quebecois culture.

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